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(last updated 2015-03-17)
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1541 Ultimate V1 with Ethernet

I enjoy using and programming the Commodore 64 (one of the early home computers, for those of you who weren't there), and have a good collection of hardware and software. I'm mainly interested in operating systems and compilers, especially GEOS. (Scroll this page down for some content links.)

If you want, you can email me (shadowm at lyonlabs dot org).

Although I have a well-known abhorrence for emulators (except for taking screen shots), I've prepared instructions for compiling VICE 2.4 on current versions of Ubuntu.

And here are the instructions I use to build opencbm on Ubuntu.

I'm hosting a copy of the Q-Link Reloaded source code for anyone interested in working on it.

A big topic of interest these days is Ethernet cards for the Commodore 64. There are two main types; the ones that use the CS8900A chip ("RR-Net compatible"), and those that use the WIZnet W5100 chip. On the right (click to embiggen) are pictures of my machines with some of these cards: the Flyer (WIZnet chip), and a 1541 Ultimate V1 (with a CS8900A).

But the big problem with the CS8900A-based cards is that they require having a TCP/IP stack running on the Commodore, which is really quite a stretch, in terms of both speed and memory. The newer generation of cards is based on the WIZnet chip, which has an on-board network stack. The best of the batch so far seems to be the Flyer, which implements networking as I/O commands sent to device #7. I have one of these, and accomplished more with it in the first few days than I did with a CS8900A-based card in the first month. If you don't have one yet, you need one; it makes the CS8900A cards obsolete. There are even IRC and Telnet clients for it... in fact, there's a version of the IRC client for PET machines! I gave a presentation about this card at ECCC 2012, and discussed a reusable PROMAL module I wrote for the Flyer in my talk on that language at ECCC 2014.

In April 2010, I released geoLink, which is an IRC client for GEOS with one of the CS8900A cards. See the page for documentation and source code.

Jonno Downes has released Kipper BASIC and BASIC on Bails, which let you write networked programs for your Commodore 64 in BASIC. It currently only supports the CS8900A-based network cards. I've put up a page about these projects with disk images, API docs, and a copy of the presentation I gave at ECCC 2010.

Upcoming Commodore Shows:

CommVEx  July 18-19, 2015  Las Vegas, Nevada
VCFMW / ECCC  August 29-30,2015  Elk Grove Village, Illinois

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Here's what you can find here:

Pictures of my Commodore 64s.

A page of downloads. You'll find software, manuals, and articles there, including a lot of information about copy protection. There is also lots of good information on the operating systems and compilers page, including
  • A page about the GEOS operating system with downloads, documentation, programming tools, and some programming tips 'n' tricks.

  • A page about the Power C compiler, where you can find the compiler itself (with docs) along with some utilities for it.

  • A page about the PROMAL programming language, with complete disk images of the shell, compiler, libraries, and documentation.

A page about stereo SIDs, with history, hardware photos, and downloads.

A hardware page with photos and documentation for some of the more exotic items I own.

A CMD DOS primer with examples of the more detailed command-line usages. You can also find the CMD utility disks there.

  Pictures from Commodore shows I've been to:
World of Commodore 2014 (Toronto, December 6, 2014)
ECCC/VCFMW 2014 (Chicago, September 13-14, 2014)
ECCC/VCFMW 2013 (Chicago, September 28-29, 2013)
ECCC/VCFMW 2012 (Chicago, September 22-23, 2012)
ECCC/VCFMW 2011 (Chicago, September 24-25, 2011)
ECCC/VCFMW 2010 (Chicago, September 18, 2010)
C=4 Expo (Cincinnati, May 29-30, 2010)
Chicago Classic Computing (Chicago, April 24, 2010)
World of Commodore (Toronto, December 5, 2009)
ECCC (Chicago, September 26, 2009)
C=4 Expo (Cincinnati, May 23-24, 2009)
World of Commodore (Toronto, December 6, 2008)
ECCC (Chicago, September 27, 2008)
C=4 Expo (Cincinnati, June 28-29, 2008)
World of Commodore (Toronto, December 1, 2007)
ECCC (Chicago, September 29, 2007)
C=4 Expo (Cincinnati, May 5-6, 2007)
ECCC (Chicago, September 30, 2006)
CommVEx 2006 (Las Vegas, July 29-30, 2006)
C=4 Expo (Cincinnati, June 3-4, 2006)
World of Commodore (Toronto, December 3, 2005)
SWRAP Expo (Chicago, September 17, 2005)
SWRAP Expo (Chicago, September 4, 2004)