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(last updated 2015-04-22)
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PROMAL talk at ECCC 2014

I'm a long-time collector of operating systems and programming languages for the Commodore 64; this page lists some of the more interesting items in the collection. Many of the items on this page include links to disk images and/or documentation, but some haven't been imaged yet. You can email me (shadowm at lyonlabs dot org) if you see something you'd like me to image sooner than "as time permits"... and of course, if you find any links (or disk images) that don't work, please contact me at the address above so I can fix them.

I've started on a plan to give talks about some of these items at Commodore shows; here is some information on the ones I've done so far:

ECCC/VCFMW 2014   PROMAL  presentation (including the infamous weather program): World of Commodore 2014   Abacus Super Pascal   presentation:
Bring me compilers, that I may feed upon them and grow strong!

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LUnix console
LUnix console (click to enlarge)

Commodore 64 Operating Systems

ACE (Craig Bruce)
Asterix (Chris Baird)   D64 image   (note: enter disk ?boot ; sh < boot to start)
Contiki 1.2-devel1 (Adam Dunkels)   D64 image   source
CP/M (Commodore Business Machines) D64 image of C64 version (requires CP/M cartridge)
DOS/65 (Richard A. Leary)
GEOS (see separate page) (Berkeley Softworks)
GeckOS (Andre Fachat)
LUnix (Daniel Dallman et al.)   D64 image   source code  
LOAD":*",8 and RUN to start. F3 brings up a second console with a system prompt; you can type l sh to get a shell, and ctrl-D to exit back to the system prompt. F1 to return to the first console (shift-Commodore also works to switch consoles). Type cat .lunixrc ! more to see examples of how to load modules at the system prompt. Type e.g. help ls for help on commands.
WiNGs (Jolse Maginnis)   (requires SuperCPU, SuperRAM)

Abacus software catalog Abacus Pascal cover Handic Forth box Power Assembler box

Commodore 64 Compilers/Interpreters/Assemblers

The most complete listing of programming languages for the Commodore 64 (and related machines) is Dan Fandrich's Commodore Languages List.

If you're searching for things like this, a good place to try is; Reid will do his best to help you find what you are looking for. Even if you have an image of the disk and a copy of the documentation, it's always nicer to have the originals.

Some of the images here are ZipCode six-packed because they are lightly copy-protected; the advantage of ZipCode is that you don't need a modified drive to write the disk from the image. You can find a copy of ZipCode here. When extracting six-packs, after the first three files have been read, you'll get a 62 error (file not found); insert the disk with the second three files and hit Return. The encoded filename is the D64 name without the "-123.d64" or "-456.d64" suffix.

Programming Languages from Abacus

As far as I know, I have all the Abacus compilers. The manuals here were scanned by DLH.

Abacus Ada Training Course (ZipCode six-pack):   files 1-3   files 4-6   manual
Abacus Assembler/Monitor 64 (ZipCode six-pack):   files 1-3   files 4-6   manual
Abacus Basic 64
Abacus Video Basic 64 (images are untested)
D64 error image
Zip-Code six-pack:   files 1-3   files 4-6  
Abacus Super-C   D64 image   manual
Abacus COBOL   D64 image   manual
Abacus Forth (disk is copy-protected; ZipCode won't make a viable copy)   manual
Abacus Fortran   D64 image
Abacus Pascal   D64 image   manual
Abacus Super Pascal (like USCD Pascal)
ZipCode six-pack:   files 1-3   files 4-6
G64 image

other programming languages

Cecil's Assembler
Cope assembler (GEOS)  D64 image with docs
Macro Assembler Development System (Commodore)   D64 image   manual
Merlin Assembler   D64 image   manual
MICOL assembler   D64 image   manual
Power Assembler ("Buddy")   D64 image   manual (from DLH)
Rebel Assembler   D64 image   manual
Turbo Macro Pro (Style's mod of Turbo Assembler)

Becker Basic (GEOS)  D64 image  manual
Blitz! BASIC compiler
DotBASIC (from the editors of Loadstar)   ZIP file   with disk images and PDF manual
geoBasic (of interest only to entomologists)
many other BASIC compilers and extensions

Blazin' Forth D64 images:
image   docs (EZ Script)   docs (PETSCII)   source   source screens
Datatronic Forth (cartridge)
durexForth  D64 image   docs (PDF)
geoForth ("Brian")  D64:   side A   side B
HesWare 64FORTH (cartridge)
volksForth   ZIP file with D64 images  PDF manual (in German)
White Lightning (Forth environment for game design, and BASIC Lightning, a BASIC extender)
D64 image   White Lightning manual   BASIC Lightning manual   supplementary manual

G-Pascal   D64    manual   (see also 2011 article with source, 2012 post with cc65-compatible source)
KMMM Pascal (dongle-protected)
Kyan Pascal (cracked)  D64 image
Oxford Pascal: ZipCode six-pack   files 1-3   files 4-6   manual (PDF, 41M)

other languages
COMAL   COMAL 0.14,   tutorial disk,   Power Driver (with docs),   COMAL-80 cartridge (image) and docs
LIMP (LISP Interpreter written in ML and Promal)  D64 image (with docs)
Note: this is the standalone version (which contains the infamous TED editor, written "in the TECO/SPEED tradition"); there's also a version that can be run from within PROMAL.
Lisp 64 ZIP file with D64, German manual, and a complete disassembly of the interpreter.
This comes from Roman in Germany, who reconstructed the manual using TeX.
Micro-Lisp   D64 image   (docs in Transactor vol. 8, issue 6)
Logo (Commodore)
NanoVM (mininal JVM)   ZIP file containing D64 image   announcement/instructions
Nevada COBOL (CP/M)   D64 image   manual
Pilot (Commodore)
Power C (see separate page) with many enhancements downloaded from Q-Link back in the day
Prolog   Prolog64.D64 (the interpreter itself)    Prolog64.pdf (the manual, in German)
(even I was surprised to see this on the '64... thanks, ski)
PROMAL (see separate page)

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