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Power C for the Commodore 64

(last updated 2014-12-16)
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This page is about the Power C compiler for the Commodore 64. It's one of the best high-level languages available for this machine, with an excellent editor, a compiler, and a linker. Although its dialect is K & R (pre-ANSI) C, it's very capable. An assembler is also available, making it even more useful for large projects (see the links to Transactor articles on linking C and assembly). Further down the page, you'll find a collection of add-on utilities I downloaded from Q-Link back in the day. If you have any questions, you can mail me email me (shadowm at

The Power C Compiler (D64 images)
Power C Tips 'n' Tricks
Power C and Assembly Language
Power C Downloads

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Power C box cover

The Power C Compiler

Here are D64 images of the Power C diskettes as distributed. There's also a complete copy of the documentation.

side one
side two
manual (from DLH)

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Power C Tips 'n' Tricks

Here are some helpful things I've found while using Power C:

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Power C and Assembly Language

Here is some information on using Power C and assembly language together:

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Power C downloads

This is a collection of add-ons for Power C. I used to have them in ARC format, just as I downloaded them from Q-Link in the olden times, but D64 images are much easier to work with. In a few cases, I had hard copies of the original Q-Link download descriptions, and typed them in by hand.

C-Windows by Rubens Abboud (windowing utility that does a custom character set 40 in 64, or 80 columns):

C-ASSM by Mark Rinfret and David Zarling, an assembler (written in C) that creates Power C compatible object files:

Power C utilities
These were sent to me in early 2013 by a visitor to the site from Italy, Pasquale Frega. Grazie mille!
This D64 image contains:

GRAFPAK (graphics library by Marc Rinfret/Rich Helms):
(also contributed by Pasquale)

C-Power Graphics Library (by David Kesler and David Brown):
This library is based on Mark Rinfret's GRAFPAK (see above).

Cmaster (a terminal with Xmodem written by W Mat Waites):

Utilities and replacements for Power C by Adrian Pepper:
This D64 image (source and docs) includes:

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and now for something completely different...

Here's something a little more obscure... it's some code I hacked together with help from the guys on the comp.sys.cbm mailing list. It's a machine language routine, meant to be called from a Power C program, that loads and runs a BASIC program.

assembler source (ASCII, Unix-formatted)

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